ElectricUTOPIAN three piece Urbantramper were stalwarts of the Wellington music scene between 2005 and 2013. They released five full length albums and three EPs over their 10 year lifespan. Urbantramper combine sounds from the 80s, 90s and Tomorrow to create the soundtrack to the future we forgot. DIY pop for the wireless.

The band featured Lake (vocals, bass, keys, midi fighter), Andy Hoy (drums, midi triggers), and Phil Jones (keys, backing vocals, bass).

The music continues as Lake South.

Praise for TOMORROW WE LEAVE HERE (2013):

“Another outstanding effort…a band that is working at their peak.” – Music.net.nz

“Maybe their best work yet…” – Nick Bollinger – Radio NZ/ The Listener

“Smart song-craft, strong bedsit ideas and a fearless commitment to exploring new spaces for a pop song to rest.” – Simon Sweetman


“Beautifully executed dreamy electro-pop collection” (NZ Herald)

“Makes you realise meaningful pop music is alive and well in New Zealand” (Sunday Star Times)

“Another inspiring offering from one of the most original acts around.” (NZ Musician)

“Achingly beautiful” (Otago Daily Times)