French for Rabbits Summer Tour

Even the best summers seem like distant dreams when winter comes – rose tinted and faded like old photographs. Wellington dream-pop duo French for Rabbits will be touring New Zealand this January and February for a combination of a twelve-concert tour and summer swims through the cities and smaller places of the North and South.

This will be the second New Zealand summer tour for French for Rabbits bookending a year spent recording their debut album (due out in 2014) and touring through Europe for the first time. The successful tour took them across the continent performing nearly fifty shows through the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and France.

For this tour, they will be joined at a number of the shows by their new band, with Hikurangi Scheverin-Kaa (City oh Sigh) on drums, and Ben Wood (Trinity Roots, Newtown Rocksteady) playing bass and singing harmonies.

A note: if you enjoy slightly odd, sometimes witty banter and/or nostalgia-laced songs, melancholic dreamscapes and mesmerizing songsmithery – please come

“What can I say? I am grateful to have discovered the immediately soothing and gorgeous music of French for Rabbits. French for Rabbits is a dream folk duo from New Zealand. Vocals, music, powerful enough to cast a dreamy hold of you from head to toe. If you are looking for something new to listen to these days, this is it.”… (


NEW EP by Timothy Blackman

The new Timothy Blackman EP (titled ‘This Country’) is out September 2nd on Home Alone Music  It’s his first release since the much celebrated ‘Everyone Needs Something to hold On To’ LP in 2011 and we can’t wait to share.  It’s also the first entirely digital release Home Alone Music has put out and we’re very excited to try something new.

The EP was engineered, mixed and produced by Lake at the Home Alone Music HQ in downtown Wellington and is being mastered by James Goldsmith this week.  The lil record features more musicians than any other Timothy Blackman release; including Lake McKenna of Urbantramper/Wellington Sea Shanty Society (bass, percussion), Chelsie Preston Crayford of Chelsie Florence/Only Child (keys/backing vocals), Sarah Smythe of City Oh Sigh/St Ruperstberg (keys), Kate Uhe of City Oh Sigh/St Rupertsberg (trumpet), Tim Couch of Knives At Noon/Kill The Fake Patient (drums), Ben Wood of Newtown Rocksteady (drums), Eli Chisholm of Hula Hope/St Ruperstberg (backing vocals) and Holly Beals of The Family Cactus (backing vocals).

Al Cheyne (who made the ‘Wolves’ video in 2011) has pulled his camera from the bag and has shot a new one for the song ‘How we’re Going’.  The video was filmed in January 2013 when he was down in Wellington on holiday (from Norway) and will also be out on Sept 2nd.


More info (see below) in the coming days…