New artist: Shenandoah Davis releases album ‘Souvenirs’

Home Alone Music are thrilled to be releasing Seattle artist Shenandoah Davis’s new album ‘Souvenirs’. It is the first release on Home Alone Music from an international artist. She will be touring New Zealand in early 2018. Keep your eyes out for tour dates!

Souvenirs is a breakup album, but not in the traditional sense. Recorded and produced by Sam Miller in his Brooklyn apartment, it delves into breakups both personal and professional, romantic and platonic, intimate and inanimate, shedding light upon seemingly inconsequential occurrences and illuminating their greater meanings and potential consequences in our lives.

Davis has spent the last decade releasing music and touring the globe, gaining acclaim from fans and fellow musicians for her unique, piano-driven orchestral pop.

View the first video/single from the album here: